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Withering Things

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I've kept my Livejournal running for quite some time now and over its lifespan it has seen a number of people, mostly anonymous, following it.

I am starting up a new blog, elsewhere, unconnected by any links to this one but still about my own life and, perhaps, a bit more honest both painfully and beautifully. Without any links to my facebook or other such vestiges of my life as Alex I can really break into the realm of my honest opinions without fear of repercussion regarding my shit being "Too Long; Didn't Read" (a fucking pitiful excuse) and on a format where I can really get to enjoy the sense of having a blog.

If any of you really want to keep reading it message me here with an e-mail address I can send the link to. Or, you know, don't. I for one hope you do because it'll be pretty cool stuff.

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