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The · Word · and · the · Thunder

I Once Heard a Song About the Rain

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I think people could make a living writing about the weather! Quick, get to it before the market fills up and... Oh... Well damn.

It's a rainy day outside and my home is unusually chilly today. Weatherbot says it's in the mid fifties outside and I believe it. I believe the air conditioning is left on today and that is the source of the cold. It really doesn't trifle much with me today as I am stocky built and, while that rarely comes in handy in social situations, it does avail me to much desired core temperature warmth in situations like these. Haloo hallay I am warm enough today!

Every few days I have to wonder why I even keep up with Facebook. It has long-since ceased to be amusing and, while sometimes useful, I look at the number of people listed in my Friends category and wonder how many of them really give two shits about me at all. I've removed the links to this blog from that website and, happily, am trying to remove all traces of myself on the internet that resort directly back to me because, to be blunt, job markets make me paranoid. It's already tragic that one can't look as one desires at various jobs without taking some steps towards catering to an imbecilic notion of propriety that, in my humble opinion, is only damaging to people as a whole. Ontop of this tragedy, however, we have the additional one of your job hacking into your Facebook to find evidence that you're what? Human? That you do ridiculous bullshit on your own time like everyone does or ought to? That you have opinions, grievances and irritations regarding life and the state of things not just politically but socially? Well fuck me twice! I wonder how companies that hired people ever got along before all this invasion of a person's life.

I'm not so removed from logic to be anything but perfectly aware that people posting ridiculous stuff is what they do to shoot themselves in the foot. If anything they could be more secretive, indeed, of what it is they do. As masturbatory and amazingly fun as being balls-to-the-wall honest about how eccentric you are is, and as easy as the internet makes such things, it's a double-edged sword and everything you put into the world can come back to harm you. This is why I am seriously considering erasing my Facebook, a task made purposely difficult by the creators of such an engine, as a self-defense mechanism. I have no intention of living any life but the one I desire and if I have to make some small sacrifices in order to attain this I would gladly do so.

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