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The Word and the Thunder

Between the Idea and the Reality...

26 February 1988
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What to say about myself?
I am…
21 years old
A Writer
A dreamer
A Musician
A lover
An amateur martial artist
An aspiring Academic
A student
In need of constant improvement

1930s science fiction, a clockwork orange, abney park, agatha heterodyne, airships, alan moore, alchemy, aliens, ambient music, amon amarth, anime, arcana, arch enemy, architecture, arthur c clarke, asian food, atlantis myths, autumn, balefire, batman, beethoven, being a music snob, black and white, books, bprd, brock samson, callipygian women, cinema, classical music, clockwork, comics, communication, coyotes, cryptozoology, darcy james argue, darkrooms, daydreaming, detectives, discovery, dogs, don quixote, dr. strange, dreaming, dresden codak, duelists, electronica, eliphas levi, epica, fantasy, fate magazine, fifty cent words, film noir, flcl, footsteps, foreign cinema, fortean times, francis barrett, franz bardon, funnel cake, girl genius, goggles, goth, gunfights, gustav holst, h.g. wells, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hellboy, hermes trismegistus, hermetics, hilarity, history, hollow earth, hypothetical questions, instrumentals, isaac newton, israel regardie, jagermonsters, jazz, john dee, jules verne, king solomon, knives, latin, laughing, learning, libraries, linguistics, lo mein, long conversations, macgregor mathers, mage: the ascension, martial arts, meditation, metal, michael moorcock, mindless self indulgence, music theory, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neovictorianism, nick cave, nicola tesla, nightwish, old buildings, opera, order of hermes, paranormal studies, photography, pirates, playing guitar, pulp science, quixotic quests, randall flagg, reading, revolvers, rhapsody, robert a. heinlein, roland of gilead, roleplaying games, rush, science fiction, sky pirates, sons of ether, space, space pirates, spicy foods, steampunk, stephen king, stratovarius, stringed instruments, swordplay, swords, symphony x, t.s. eliot, the heterodyne boys, the occult, the venture brothers, the wild west, thinking, transhumanism, trigun, vernian process, webcomics, wild west steampunk, william gibson, words, writing